Parking Lot Lighting

When it comes to solar lighting, you want to make the right choice – to know that the products you select are well designed, well engineered and properly configured to meet the demands that will be placed on them. Simply put, you want to know the solar lighting system you choose will work in your application and environment the way it was designed – for the long-term, while maximizing the value of your purchasing dollar.




Solar Street Light

The effectiveness and efficiency of SLI lighting systems translate directly into project dollar savings. Both the horizontal illuminance uniformity and the luminaire downward efficiency of the X-35-LED have been independently verified to be superior to other LED lighting systems in the market. Those factors mean that fewer X-35-LED lights are needed to illuminate the same target area, resulting in a lower total project cost.

The illumination difference is so remarkable you will have to see it to truly appreciate it. Because of this, SLI invites you to contact us to receive our technical analysis, or assistance with system design and specifications.

Providing your project with illumination, architectural, and graphical rendering abilities which incorporates your Auto CAD drawings. SLI provides photometric reports which guarantee the correct light distribution pattern and illumination levels for your project. Our engineering capabilities provide the most advanced and realistic computer modeling simulation available. SLI manufactures solar LED street lighting systems to exceed your expectations and allows you to be comfortable that you have made the right choice.

Solar power for Perimeter Security

SLI provides turnkey solar perimeter security solutions and installation globally. When you need military grade security and there is no power SLI is your solution provider.

security cam 3


Off Grid and Remote Power

We have been installing off grid power systems since 1999. Commercial solutions for your remote power needs. Providing backup power for up to 2 weeks.

Solar Water Heating

Are you a current owner of a commercial or residential solar water heating system?
Solar Lighting International Provides Excellent Service

Replacement of old Solar Water Heater Tanks
Removal of old solar water heating systems
Replacement for solar water heaters such as Vaughn water tanks, Ford Solar, State Solar water tanks, Rheem solar, and Carolina Wood stoves.
Repair and or replace of Water Heating Controllers, Temperature Sensors, Solar Water Controllers, Motors, and Pumps and glycol fluid for closed loop and drain back systems
Removal and Repair of aged systems and for roof replacement.
Call SLI for service in Charlotte, NC and beyond.


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